Left so late today that almost missed the Monday rush. But then have you found more recently that the Monday rush actually happens on Tuesday? 

Two police cars blue lights and sirens headed west this morning while I was going east.  This morning also included the advance warning of expected chaos in the city because of university open days. We are warned. Expect broken down lorry those days too. 

Sunday driving

The commute continues even on the Sunday. Not my personal commute but part of the week anyway. So mid afternoon the roads are not busy on the way out. The sun is shining .. So why do so few drivers smile at the wheel?
In the bubble, does everyone feel so threatened that the only expression out from the concentration mask is the stare. The stare of ‘You dare?’

Road to the bridge car park

Surprisingly quick around the ring road last night, only to come to long long queue at the toll bridge. So this is where the traffic has all moved to! On reaching the booth … Instead of the toll collector ready to collect the toll and the traffic able to keep moving .. drivers were having to stop wait for the toll keeper to finish sorting out the message or track on the phone and then take money … phew . A reason perhaps for the long queue? .. I wonder if they knew just how long and slow that queue had been? Still must be a pretty thankless job and the diversions on the phone very welcome.

The car park attendant?

Taking care of the park.. First need the park to take some order. The idea has been positioning moving around for some considerable time. But now invitations have been posted http://www.oxonarts.   Looking forward to receding some enquiries. 

What can you park and where? 

Invitations will need a wider spread too as well extending the invitation to join into this site. At the same time the search for a good number of parking places continues.