Welcome back to the routine

After a few days away from the ‘9-5’ the roads this morning are in summer mode. At least on my route. Listening to the radio though not so sure it is the same story for all. On the way I spotted a man lurking, half hidden behind one of the roundabout signs And then a bit further along several uniformed police and cameras, was there a link?
I wonder if the numbers cutting through the petrol station forecourt this morning will be much lower.

The Welcome to Scumburbia graffiti on the bridge has gone. I have failed to get the image of this over the past few weeks. The best attempt was after asking a passenger to photograph it the other day. Just managed Welcome ..

Mid week not the regular week

So easy to forget what day it is when outside the regular routine.
From my tent, earlyish,, and I am parked up for several days. The only thing I am really aware of this morning, before getting out from within my sleeping bag is the noise of the traffic passing.


Diverted over the toll-less bridge away from a busy main road, to avoid the queue for game fair, resulting in surprisingly quick journey.
Warm sunny, tendency to humidity after the storm last night. I am driving to work
In the wider world plane has been blown from the sky
Missiles are being exchanged in the Middle East
And I will count butterflies this weekend.
Arrive at the car park with tears on my cheeks.

Comparing yesterday and today

Yesterday was Monday .. And surely the summer holidays had begun! Very short if any queues. And waiting at places,with the sun glinting on the sign showing up the corrugated places with light reflecting in rainbows . Then the traffic light changes and you are off. No time to take a picture .. And even with more time always feels a little risky.

Return was also quick

Then this morning .. Yes the queues were back. But then it was Tuesday so that is normal, but then again the overall traffic is lighter.. So summer is here then!