Friday, homewards

I’ve often seen a big red hot air balloon, admittedly more often in the morning and I do have another red dot picture on file, taken from the car park and looking south over the office, while it passed over. But when I spotted it today I was on the way home, and as the traffic had stopped, I pointed the lens in the general sky direction and hoped. I couldn’t see if I had managed to catch it until I was back home. A lucky red dot shot against the afternoon sky. If I am seeing this during my commute is someone using a balloon for their commute? Finding a place to park your hot air balloon on a daily basis must complicate your day. But as a theme for the art in a car project could  be an interesting starting place. Hot air and conversations while wrapped in your bubble; avoid eye contact and take the opportunity to let off steam, unwind, release the thought.           balloon 11 July


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