Friday morning misty, still and silent

and the right time of year to start to see the cobwebs everywhere outside. With the mist the webs are full of the glistening droplets, and on my car a couple of spiders too hoping to catch their breakfast.

For a moment before getting into the car .. because once inside the window is often wound up tight and I have blocked off the sounds from outside  .. but before that there was a moment  and I realised just how still and quiet everything was. Giving myself permission to linger longer, and you do have to allow yourself to agree that this is a useful way to spend the time .. and realised there were no other car sounds, no bird sounds. But there was the muted drizzle of the rain falling through the leaves of the next door’s tree. A faint yet distinct rhythm. And sometimes catching from the corner of your eye the slight flutter of a leaf accompanying the dance by receiving the drip.   Not silent at all.

A car sweeps past on the nearby main road. The moment is gone. Back to the day job.

cobweb in the morning

cobweb in the morning


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