Wednesday grey drizzle

But the mood is lifted while driving along the road.
The verge has been cut, but standing bobbing above the grass a lone ox eye daisy, out of season, tall but the white petals glow in this light.
A tiny moment, a corner of the eye thing, passed so quick and leaving the imprint.

Monday morning witness

The queues a little lighter but still there, slow moving traffic both sides of the road
Unnoticed a pigeon attempts the crossing, it fails to get the height and is clipped by the side of an ongoing lorry . A moulded corner falls away bounces on the road and with it the cloud of feathers and out stretched wings.
The car but one in front swerves
The bodies, bird and lorry part, land between the lanes and we drive through the flurry of small white feathers, too late to call surrender.

A shock to the start of the morning, a reminder of the fragility of life.

friday .. 24 october ..but was it really a sunday?

Ok, it is right that on Friday I was not taking the longer journey by car, but just getting down to the main road, I had to question ‘what is happening?’ Is it a Sunday? There was so little traffic, had the day been declared suddenly a national holiday. (Yes, to add fuel to another debate probably happening somewhere else, we should have an autumn bank holiday)

Anyway this was a time when it is ‘good’ to drive, there was no queue, no distractions just the getting from A to B .. and because of the conditions I made B a lot further away and the journey was the thing. Because the present was the actual journey in the car, and it went so quickly, it was easy to miss (disregard) entirely what was being driven through. Because this was so unusual – no  holdups, so I did continue rather than parking sooner to catch the bus,  and yet.  This made the Friday event the drive, because there was no time to stop and stare at anything else.

Again though if the roads were always clear, then using the bus would be more straightforward – they would keep to timetable because of the reduced number of blocked roads – more people could use them – more bus routes opened, because that would be the transport of choice and opportunity.

Getting off the point …  because the journey was quick, no queues, no delays the attention did not wander, and the places passed through did just disappear, insignificant.

Beautiful morning, and not long enough sitting in queues

To take in the changing views today.

In the rush to get on and start the day, that is a bold statement, perhaps
But I did really wish for a slower journey, to be able to take in the changing view around me to be able to keep that picture in my mind for longer

So pretty today .. Misty, low sun, dark hedges, light catching on the wet grasses and leaves. Sun rays streaming filtered through the hedgerows. Contrasting clear blue sky in snatches above through the front windscreen to the dark skies with extra greened tree tops caught in glimpses in the wing mirrors. In places the landscape laid out in layers as visibility varied through the mist .

Jotting this down, on arrival helps to pull those changing pictures together , parked here on slightly higher ground and the sky clear bright and blue all around.
I do hope if you have been in one of the many queues you have been able to look generously at the surroundings today, especially after the grey wet and drizzle yesterday

Car art park … Saturday .. Timetable now on the event page here

Monday. Oh what a monday and only 9 am

The wind is gusting and the rain swirls with it adding weight to the leaves dancing over the road.
The road was shut down just ahead of me and I followed tails around the garage forecourt .. Heading then in the wrong direction!
Skirted around the city .. Some distance out Lovely route really with the trees on the turn, but having to an eye to signposts , through busy villages at going to school time, and well really needing to be somewhere .. Eventually . So whilst the temptation was to wander, had to keep the day in perspective

What a contrast .. Saturday the children were running around the garden in sleeveless party dresses and today everyone out trussed up in the wet winter weather clothes.

So arrived, now and even before getting out of my car I am thinking of the journey home .. Which way and when ?