So soon after the poet consultation

And yet still ignoring the poetical advice…this morning , the radio traffic reporter said. ” while Oxfordshire is sparkling on the traffic cameras…”
And instead of stopping to really take in that view, to get out the car, feel the cold and actually look exactly at the way the sun was lighting up fog and the shadowy tree shapes looming through. Instead of that, even while noting the big x in the increasingly blue bit of sky, left from passing aeroplanes , which could have been taken as a further hint to say stop here .. I carried on.
The window tightly wound up .. The heater blowing out hot dry air. The ‘ real ‘ start of the day calling to me further down the road.

I’ve parked now ..
write up these thoughts but know that I was not able to take on the real challenge from the poem prescribed, but took the quick and mediated version of the view.
Ah well. Monday calls

car park find matches the day

all sorts of little things get left behind, perhaps drop out of pockets, fall from car doors or perhaps like these are forgotten after a quick shoe change. I parked and got out the car to find these left at the side of the space.

Bright and shiny at the start of the day … by home time, looking like I felt .. a bit curled around the edges!  morning find  home time state

I have recently consulted the Emergency Poet

And I hope it is not a breach of the ethical standards if I share the prescription.
I am not sure that I mentioned the car art park blog or project .. Fairly certain I did not which makes the prescribed poem even more remarkable.
For everyone stuck in their car and considering the view and the what ifs or even dipping occasionally into my commuter journeys
then perhaps the shared prescription may be useful too. Look up
Postscript by Seamus Heaney

I am told to take this with tea and birdsong but sitting at lunch time in the works canteen, chattering burble and cutlery scraping plates around seems to work too.. Catching ‘the heart off guard and blow it open’ hits a nerve here now .
Try it

Windscreen compositions,

It seems to me are unavoidable on mornings like today.
The sky in front in grey washes banded, with the promise of more and heavier downpours.
Headlights and tail light patterns glow and reflect leading into and back from the centre
At the sides the diversion sign yellows are couched between the autumn shades of the hedgerow trees, and the colour picked up in the registration plates from the queues in front and coming towards me.
Lights and colour refracted in the rain drops on the glass and the wing mirrors
Impossible not to enjoy the exhibition this morning

Escorted home this evening

Through the slow traffic queues by the beautiful bright big moon. Low in the early sky I am sure it will mean a seasonally cold night, just right for the bonfires, but perfectly mesmerising. Totally distracting.
Most of the journey my glacial companion sat just behind and above my right shoulder, imprinting a light shadow on the corner of my eye.

I have to go out again later, hope it the skies are still clear .