Around the town

In the car in the middle of the day. Considering most of my car journeys are the commuting- out in the morning back in the evening – type, driving around through the centre mid morning is quite unusual, and I have to admit yesterday turned out a treat.

In busy traffic where you have pedestrians and cyclists let alone other cars and even the odd bus as likely to come at you from any angle the attention level is completely different to sitting on the ring road in a standstill queue. So something, or someone out of the ordinary, spotted from the corner of your eye is a little more difficult to confirm.
But there were a couple of times when I had to turn my head to check what I thought I had glimpsed.
A young man in a lilac three piece suit . Gorgeous .. I have no idea about the person .. Just saw the clothes. I think there may have been a red shirt but could not swear to it . The colour just stood out against the more usual dull winter clothes of the people surrounding him.

Why don’ t we as a nation with longish darkish, greyish days wear brighter outerwear in the winter? Would we all be more cheered to look out on people huddled up in bright orange or green instead of the browns and blacks so many of us choose for winter? Well the lilac was a treat to see.

Later, the other side of town, saw a woman walking a very very small dog.. Then on a second glimpse considered the gait definitely not dog like .. So tried to look again .. Definitely not a dog .. Legs too short for a cat.
A white ferret out on a lead along the street.
.. No reason why not .. Just unusual and completed my treat for town driving for the day .
Little things that just broaden the smile. Thank you


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