I have parked at the far end of the car park

Despite the threat of weather later today. This is a large carpark, and my purpose is really just to get a bit of a air before diving into the office environment. The other evening though in returning to the car it was windy .. My car was almost the last one there so there was nothing to break the strength of the gusts and at times I walked but it was a struggle too not merely stand still. Once in the car, I was still not really feeling that secure, being rocked and buffeted by the gusts.
I can remember another time watching someone with very long hair trying to get into their car on a very windy day . Not only did they need super strength to keep the car door open against the wind but at the same time was struggling to tuck in her hair. The long tresses were flying at a 90degree angle from her head magnificently, defying the attempts to be coaxed into the shelter of the car. It was quite a sight.


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