Two quiet moments this week

.. But neither in the car bubble, although both were linked to travel: the first also commuting – waiting for a bus, and the second waiting for a lift. And come to think if it both at either end of the same day.

For the first time in ages I was taking the bus to get to work, leaving the house at 6.30 , this was also the earliest I have been out in the morning for ages too. Not bad in one morning breaking two habits in a single act.
For the normal, well recent, morning starts it has been getting noticeably lighter, so now stepping out so much earlier it was back in the darkness.
But the joy was the morning itself, yes it was cold , but not wet or windy. It was still and without mechanical noise, a natural quiet. But just the point when the first birds of the morning were waking too.
Might have been robins? First one , then an answering.. or defensive call back. The morning was so still the sound cut through so cleanly.

The bus arrived before the full song.. Although perhaps it was too early in the season for the full chorus?

Later at the other end of the same day, and on the opposite side of the road from the morning waiting for a lift. Seven in the evening.. And again a quiet still moment. Surprisingly so, because this is prime time for the return home , by car.

No birds this time. Nothing , not a car, not a passer-by, not even the drifting sound of a radio or TV.
Then perhaps could I have heard the church clock was that possible?

Then a car passed and that moment gone.
Two magical snippets.


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