A bus day

Getting the bus, or perhaps more to the point waiting for the bus reminds me how much there is to miss when I just jump in the car. Being in the personal bubble and waiting in those queues does give frame , through the windscreen to hedgerow views, but blocks out lots too.
Waiting for the bus this morning, there were those few moments when the engines of our modern life are distant and the natural sounds get to come to the front. This time of year especially. This morning, I heard the distinct tappings of a woodpecker.
And while listening out for that I was watching two rooks, bouncing amongst the flimsy twigs of a birch tree. Watching as the pair pulled at twigs, broke them off and flew away with them.
This morning, then right place, right time. But then had the bus also been at the right place at the right time I could not have witnessed either.


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