After a few days of sunshine 

and the hawthorns bordering the roads have unfurled.

The hedgerows have greened and their next stage will be the transition  from green to white, with blossom.

If you were to look at the plants the tight little flower buds buds are getting ready .
Under the hedgerow trees/ shrubs the other plants have exploded too. Height , shades of green and flowers . Such an exciting time and the detail is missed when you drive past on the daily routine.

Look up too, the trees are loosing their stark outline and being fuzzed up as their leaf buds swell.

Daily there’s change. And we whizz past. Look out more closely next time the traffic holds you up.


Catching up on notes 

I made these notes last week, but did not have the chance to add them into this page

2 April 

The greening of the roadside. IT is This Week ( or rather that was last week) 

The week after the clocks went back and the gales. …and I can see that the buds have fattened and for some on the shrubby bushes under the trees along the roadside even started to unfurl.

Greening the roadside.  

The week before was  the layer with  those willows, fluffy and pollen laden, golden yellow green. 

So what made the green noticeable on that Thursday?  The Thursday before Easter? Probably because there was almost no traffic. I could drive almost all the way without stopping and so, bizarrely – the opportunity to get the impression of the roadside vegetation – rather than having a few minutes, traffic stopped, to stare at a single distant area. 

While catching up. had I mentioned the joy of getting out of the car at this, my regular car park? 

For several weeks now, ( and the excitement has not been the interesting project at work)  but it has been, continues to be , the lark. Shrill yet gabbling and often invisible over the field next to the car park . When you can see it, perhaps just a spot in the sky, the sound trilling upwards taking the search to the clouds. Always makes my step across the car park lighter.  The welcome to the morning .