At the moment 

I often do not have the iPad with me , so sometimes I will note down something with the intention of transferring the note to this site. However, it doesn’t often happen – the transfer that is. That little bit of distance in time from the experience seems to take away the validity of the comment in some way , the lack of currency. 

Also I have a small collection of pictures I have  taken .. The treasures from the carpark or roadside , or commuting visual stories .. They have not got to the site… Should they? Or havet they missed their chance? Or perhaps they need a different way to be shown…. Not individually , to show when they (it)caught my eye but maybe they need a separated area, an exhibition page?  This needs some consideration. 
Today, after a reasonable amount of rain and some sun, it is clear how quickly the roadside is greening up . And then too the roadside verge along one road has been cut ..will the Oxeye daisy still  make a show this year there ?  It is not easy from the car to see the variety of plants the verge can support  but I can  see the leaves on the roadside trees  are unfurling. It is not yet complete, as the lines of the trunks and branches are ,in many cases, still  visible .. But the greening continues.

Wildlife spotted today? One vole  started an escapade from the hedge to halfway across the cycle path then so quickly changed its mind and retreated back to the green safety. One wagtail quite happily turning over the freshly cut verge grass. A red kite circling the field next to this car park, and as I close this and get ready to start the day (proper),  getting out of the car I really  do expect to hear the lark , the sound if which will accompany me to the office before that journey it is overtaken by seagull type screeches.  Have a nice day. 



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