Some journeys later

Monday and on the second bus of the day out of the village and an opportunity to put down a summary of the past few days. Between Sunday and Sunday I have been to Bath and back three times and near Wellingborough in Northamptonshire as well as the usual ‘regular to work journeys. Some mileage clocked. 

Overall view? 

Just how green everywhere is at the moment. Green and billowy. The, creamy cushions of elder flowers have taken over from the hawthorn,  with the occasional flash  of the pale pinky dog rose . Along the verges the seed heads of the grasses are lengthening and bow in homage to the passing incessant traffic. 

One of the   Bath  journeys was a grey misty day. Sky and distance rolled into the same tone, the verges muted back a shade. There was one section which seemed as if driving was on a sat nav map. The road ahead was the feature, distance to the sides beyond the tallish hedges did not exist. 

One dimensional. 

In some ways quite beautifully uncomplctaed.

 Encapsulated positioned but nowhere between been there and heading towards. 

Not sure I have  been to Northamptonshire before.. Surely must have? Probably passed through but stopped? Visited?  Here’s a strange thing,  although I may not have physically visited i have recently been privileged to have been artist of the month on an on line gallery which has its physical form in Nothhampton.. We talk of visiting websites and of digital prescence in the same way as the a ‘real ‘ visit in which case not my first time to Northamptonshire.