Not sure of the value 

of the harsh hedge trim going on around the industrial  areas near my work parking 

Yes it was a bit rambly but I have walked past so many times and the constant chatter from sparrows in there was a delight. 

Cutting these bushes down to half height exposes the bland buildings behind – surely for everyone passing living near or working there having your vision with a greater feel of green is better than those buildings hoving  into view? 

DonT these hedges also provide a bit of a screen from the noise of the road  for the workplaces ? And dont they absorb some of the traffic smells ? 

Cutting these hedges so low show expose the hard railings .. A severe view.. How much more pleasant the surroundings become with that green barrier intact….. 

Surely this undervaluing of these green edges needs to be reviewed ?  The little green corridors which have so much potential. Or is this just me? 


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