A loose leaf diary 

of sorts . From the office towards the parked car. I usually park as far from the building as possible. A reason to stretch the legs just a few extra steps every day.. And this is a large car park . Last week  there were swirly eddies as the the wind whipped up in gusts. And getting caught up were dried leaves from the hedge. As it was relatively quiet I could clearly hear the leaves as they were each rustling and scratching their way across the tarmac  when caught up by the wind.  Scratchy  dances then when the wind died down silence. Then scuttle some more over the car bays when the next gust comes along. They danced. 

Individual leaves chattering to the next one,  then still only to be caught up again with the next gust. 
The next morning that  I came in, the leaves where collected grouped in two or three places . Was this the effect of mechanical or hand sweeping or just the place the wind had massed the loose leaves ?  I parked over one batch .. Neatly , not my parking but the collection of leaves , in a circle towards the far end . 

By the end of the day the piles .. A couple in circles and one long snakey mound were not moving anywhere. The rain which had been heavy during the day increased the weight of each leaf and they were fixed into these conglomerate shapes. The wind had died down too so very little movement. 

The next morning I parked again over a circle of leaves. When I came I go home some had escaped. The pile reduced, leaving a few scattered almost like an outer ring, but with a small mound inside.

Today after several days away.. Several wet and windy days  Nothing remains of that collection.