This morning I am shrouded in mist

on setting off from home. But it is bright. Bright enough for the car’s lights not to come on automatically. But the lights are needed if not to help me see but to help me be seen. I turned them on.

Before setting out i took out the bag of logs from the boot of the car and put them by the fireplace. It required a bit of effort to lift it and carry it to the house. With the later ‘effort’ of thinking about turning on the car lights how much this supply of energy is instant. Immediate effortless. Taken for granted. How    misguided is that? 

My traffic plans have  recently altered as the roundabout up dates  have affected the west and north side of the ring road. I don’t usually listen to the traffic reports but this  morning there was the announcement that caught my attention . The police had closed a road and although the road sign said road closed it was in fact open and very few cars were in that direction yet. Great. An opportunity to try again the former routine. 

 But some months had passed. How could I have been thinking things would be the same ?  Hardly any other cars but the trees have changed entirely since I last took that route.  Autumn is creeping along the boughs . The road dips in and out of obscurity playing with the fog. Then the bollards restricting the lane size and position at roundabouts .  It was not a good move to think I could travel this way in exactly the same familiar pattern of routine.  

Another  opportunity to reconsider the taking for granted ness of things .  


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