The same old same old

was the feeling last night , in thinking about the restrictions of travelling to work. In deciding to follow one route due to severe delays because of  renewing roundabout designs, it feels restrictive about options to vary the way to work. 

This morning I set out from the house , it was wet and grey, not raining, clear and the colour of the leaves still able to shine through. However leaving the village and heading towards the main road and towards the river I am driving then into fog.  The roadside trees and hedges loom out and only reveal the colour when close. 

Of course, the route is the same. The same old way, again 

But it is another day. 

The route may be the same but the conditions are not. 

Every day is its own. 

That route seems to be the same but is not.

Nothing is exactly a repeat 

Keeping this in mind, reminding  myself of this  is refreshing. 

I find it hopeful. 


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