Grey start and definitely getting colder 

today! and now on the bus I realise how those little moments when I have paid attention over the last few days and not recorded will drift away. So obvious .. But at the time thse moments did make a difference .. They remind me to look up and just look at our world .. All under the same sky Last few days? Probably more like last few weeks .. So for my own records then

One morning , in the car and heading to work . This is about the mist and the rising sun ..soft soft apricot, the gentle warm colour of the morning sun then I turned around the corner down the slight hill and the field has disappeared under the mist .. And the mist is reflecting that sun’s pale glow . The field has this  soft orangey layer too.. Soft, like the fuzz from felty skin from the fruit. Soft apricot fur has been blown over the landscape. Mellow and sumptuous.