Back in the bubble 

after a couple  of days on the bus I am back in the car. But a combination of starting out earlyish and also not everyone being back to work/ school / college yet meant the journey was reasonable both there and back.

The bus days though were also straightforward , unproblematical , and have  the advantage that I took in a bit of a walk each of the days too, between busses or at the end of one route. 

And either way you end up in the car park. This week featured creatures. 

Day one , a small black and white cat, field side. Definitely field side of the tall blue fence. In the grass but  alert, not to my cooing but to something much more interesting in the verge. Just as well, I would not want to think of it chasing around the car park during the busy morning spell.

Day two , the robin. I might have noted this one before but it perches high on a floodlight , broadcasting not light, but sound. It is so loud and clear, it amazes me. I love that it is broadcasting, calling us into work. 

Day three, out for a quick stroll around the car park at lunch time, and ‘parked’at the end away from the building were a couple of police horses.  Funny how one of the horses watched me, made me feel guilty much the same way as I can feel when walking past authority – uniformed authority in particular. How do they get to do that, and why does it make me want to creep away? 

Day four, even more frequent visitors to the car park are the red kites, and there were two on day four. Always a joy to spend some time to watch their air displays 

I only had four days this week , but each with a creature to feature.