The daily travel

can be stressful and frustrating especially even there is a timetable to meet and the traffic flow is not flowing but coagulated in all the usual and even some of  the unexpected places. One day last week, I was in just such a situation. 

There really is nothing to be done.

Yes I ought to have left earlier perhaps, but I didn’t. 

Inside my little box it is easy to allow those frustrations to spiral, and with mostly horrific events being reported in the radio, into a miserable state. 

Our line of traffic, nose to bumper was halted, while overhead famly of swans crossed at right angles to the road. Straight long necks heading forward, strong wings keeping a bulging body aloft. Large birds, and when you see them on the ground flight looks so unlikely. There was a straggler, angle across the road was a little off and every beat of the wings took the projected body further from the path of the main group.  It did appear to have to put in quite some effort. Then its airborne pathway curved and the straggler was back , behind the group still, but no longer drifting further away. 

The diversion was useful for me. Distracting from the personal accusations. Taking my view beyond the little box.