Woodpecker heard 

I was waiting at the bus stop this morning. Sevenish. And the village sonic scene was busy. But unmistakenly over the other busy territory setting chatter there was a woodpecker with a regular drum.

Don’t think  I have picked up that sound previously in a morning. At one point I did wonder if there was more than a single drummer .

And what a morning too… Cold still able to see my breath, but the sun was a bit higher and warming already as I waited for the bus, a contrast.

Some other little snippets from recent morning travel notes .. One day last week … Blackthorn already starting to burst into flower, this is a little early isn’t it?  As the car crawled along the queue , the morning ray caught another burst . This time the pussy willow .. Glossy and soft further down the branch but at the tip the explosion had begun , the ends of the burtsing bud tipped in pollen and the expanded .. Boom .

violets White and blue near the bus shelter


I like the winter shapes of shrubs and trees the scrubby hedgerows, although in a sad shape, stunted by too frequent cutting.  But it won’t be long before they disappear under the flush of greening buds , satisfying yes but disguises the gaps and how sparse they are becoming.  And seeing the trees in their basic form only reminds me of their lung like role, as I sit alongside going nowhere on a road choked by traffic .
On a recent rummage through a charity shop I came across a game called the hedgehog’s revenge. A must have purchase. But where are the hedgehogs now ?  With the weather warming up will there be more shuffling about ? We used to have regular garden visits. I think I need to look at  making the garden a little more attractive for them , if there are still any in the area.

Spring really is in the air .


well this morning it was definitely foggy. Visibility was not great, and I was a little on the late side. The line of traffic was slow, with threats of complete stoppage on the traffic reports. Lights not working on a roundabout ( why lights on roundabouts? ). In fact we did grind to a halt couple of times , and then moving over from emergency vehicles as they tried to whoosh up the middle of the road.

And the upside to all this?

Today against the dark damp network of the roadside hedges  I noticed the acid green of the new leaves . When did that happen?

The green shone out in sections, probably noticeable today against the grey fog. The tips of this year’s hawthorn  just unfurling. Vibrant and full of the promise of spring.  Just brought out the smile.

And back to car parks 

As a particular one is in the news. That particular car park for the gym , has spaces on the building’s  roof but there is no access for cars. In the Independent today, the journalist has had a tour of the space.  Glanced at this over breakfast and I do not have the details, but surprised the gym has not made use of the space for some sort of exercise.

So my suggestion is to use the space for a differnt type of exercise .. Allow people to park there .. A performance park, a meeting park  . Being open air , above ground on higher ground would offer a new perspective as a park  for discussion. Above the hum of street noise and perhaps cut off from the rhythm of the machines and people straining  muscles on the floors below , perhaps solutions to that  town’s parking problems will be uncovered.

Practicalities? Would it be free parking? Would you have to flash a gym membership card to access the area? Should there need to  be protection from the weather added ?  And the inpracticalities  … Beyond the reason why they have this space .. Assuming the roof was originally constructed to hold the weight of the cars and then also have magicked  up some money then I think a couple of cars maybe a van and a mini bus should lifted up by crane . These then would create small enclosed venues meeting  spaces  changing rooms and still feed from idea that this is a carpark ..

When I was researching parking places for my car art park project I realised quite how many places are managed by another company. This sub contracting , outsourcing made any spontaneous extraordinary use of space difficult to even begin to consider.

Realisation that ‘ownership’ does not actually always enable the ‘owner ‘ to make decisions about the use of it because they have outsourced that or at least distanced themselves from the immediate decision. Thank you again to those people /organisations who very kindly let me park  my project on their ground.  Maybe time to work on a new project?

Yesterday Today 

what differences ? 

Yesterday I took the bus from the closest local stop.

7:45 ish. What a beautiful morning. Cold , bright, the sky clear blue and yet the light had a  glorious reddy tinge. Before leaving the house I had watched the tree in a neighbours garden through the window while the colour of the trunk changed with the rising sun… Surprised I managed to get ready and out for this bus at all 

At the bus stop I watched as rooks raided the nearby birch. They bounced their way precariously towards the thinnest twiiggy ends, sometimes a gust of wind emphasised their own weight and made them retreat a little back along the twig to a safer perch. But. They did not  give up on the chosen twiggy end and shuffled back, although not as far as before to the end . Twisting or snapping through the pliable twig the rook then took to the air with a short caw and returned to the nest building or refurbishment with the fresh twig. 

While I could turn and lift my headto watch , and I would not have seen those rooks gathering nesting material,  without my decision to take that action, the sound of other birds was all around. Mostly I could not see the other birds but I could definitely hear them. 

The sound surrounding me, while giving me an audible back drop  to my morning, was the focus of each ofthose individual    bird worlds.  Giving it attention, does this, the ambient sound, have a differnt quality?  Or is it called something else? I have chosen to listen to bring it to my foreground, it helps to build my sense of place just at this moment. 

Bus arrives, beatuful start to the morning

Today. (Later by half an hour)  Wet.. Grey dense  cloud cover. Windy – not as cold though 

Because the  return home later will be after the last  bus which would could get me home I had decided to take the car to the nearby village  and catch the other route from there. 

No time to see if the birds were bouncing in the wind collecting fine soft twigs. But did spot the squirrel running the route along the telephone wires between the birdfeeders in the different gardens .. 

A cheeky  start to my morning .. Hope you find something to enjoy this morning