Yesterday Today 

what differences ? 

Yesterday I took the bus from the closest local stop.

7:45 ish. What a beautiful morning. Cold , bright, the sky clear blue and yet the light had a  glorious reddy tinge. Before leaving the house I had watched the tree in a neighbours garden through the window while the colour of the trunk changed with the rising sun… Surprised I managed to get ready and out for this bus at all 

At the bus stop I watched as rooks raided the nearby birch. They bounced their way precariously towards the thinnest twiiggy ends, sometimes a gust of wind emphasised their own weight and made them retreat a little back along the twig to a safer perch. But. They did not  give up on the chosen twiggy end and shuffled back, although not as far as before to the end . Twisting or snapping through the pliable twig the rook then took to the air with a short caw and returned to the nest building or refurbishment with the fresh twig. 

While I could turn and lift my headto watch , and I would not have seen those rooks gathering nesting material,  without my decision to take that action, the sound of other birds was all around. Mostly I could not see the other birds but I could definitely hear them. 

The sound surrounding me, while giving me an audible back drop  to my morning, was the focus of each ofthose individual    bird worlds.  Giving it attention, does this, the ambient sound, have a differnt quality?  Or is it called something else? I have chosen to listen to bring it to my foreground, it helps to build my sense of place just at this moment. 

Bus arrives, beatuful start to the morning

Today. (Later by half an hour)  Wet.. Grey dense  cloud cover. Windy – not as cold though 

Because the  return home later will be after the last  bus which would could get me home I had decided to take the car to the nearby village  and catch the other route from there. 

No time to see if the birds were bouncing in the wind collecting fine soft twigs. But did spot the squirrel running the route along the telephone wires between the birdfeeders in the different gardens .. 

A cheeky  start to my morning .. Hope you find something to enjoy this morning 


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