Woodpecker heard 

I was waiting at the bus stop this morning. Sevenish. And the village sonic scene was busy. But unmistakenly over the other busy territory setting chatter there was a woodpecker with a regular drum.

Don’t think  I have picked up that sound previously in a morning. At one point I did wonder if there was more than a single drummer .

And what a morning too… Cold still able to see my breath, but the sun was a bit higher and warming already as I waited for the bus, a contrast.

Some other little snippets from recent morning travel notes .. One day last week … Blackthorn already starting to burst into flower, this is a little early isn’t it?  As the car crawled along the queue , the morning ray caught another burst . This time the pussy willow .. Glossy and soft further down the branch but at the tip the explosion had begun , the ends of the burtsing bud tipped in pollen and the expanded .. Boom .

violets White and blue near the bus shelter


I like the winter shapes of shrubs and trees the scrubby hedgerows, although in a sad shape, stunted by too frequent cutting.  But it won’t be long before they disappear under the flush of greening buds , satisfying yes but disguises the gaps and how sparse they are becoming.  And seeing the trees in their basic form only reminds me of their lung like role, as I sit alongside going nowhere on a road choked by traffic .
On a recent rummage through a charity shop I came across a game called the hedgehog’s revenge. A must have purchase. But where are the hedgehogs now ?  With the weather warming up will there be more shuffling about ? We used to have regular garden visits. I think I need to look at  making the garden a little more attractive for them , if there are still any in the area.

Spring really is in the air .

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