Phoaw what a stunner 

The  morning drive on Thursday 

Well not the actual drive but the opportunity to be out in that beauty.

Frost on the ground and whiteflowers not sure if these are early hawthorn or later blackthorn , but small white clusters in the hedgerows ..  Set against amazing blue sky.  This white cloaking against the vivid green of the new unfurling leaves was really breathtaking. 

Late  April, Gleaming sparkling  and cold and yet behind the windscreen the sun quickly warming up the car space.  

Driving into the sun feels warm and eyes all squinty 

When I parked and got out to meet the real day it felt very foreign.  The sun warm on my face yet I could see my breath. We don’t often get there around here at eight thirty in the morning that mixture of cold and warmth at the same time that I could sense and feel. A real engagement of sense 

The hedge along the parking area is almost entirely transformed too. Last week considerable patches still held onto their shaky rattling winter leaves while slender spindles of new buds grew amongst them. This week the new bright green is almost complete, but not entirely.  Such a difference too in listening to the hedge in the breeze. These new leaves are still so young and soft they barely sound as they move in the wind, while those remaining dry old things scrape and grate and complain. 

And over this that skylark hidden takes the lead.  

Unhappy with the Movement and direction of travel ? 

A question about ongoing eu discussion heard on the radio this morning. But at the time I was not moving at all. Oh so slow the journey in today. 

But , there is often the but, but under the bright blue sky, after the chill of the morning the grass on the roundabout glistened. Siting for a while in the car  at the side of the roundabout with the sun in the right angle and the bejewelled blades of grass more amazing than anything with a £1000 multiple price tag. Joyous. 

So late to work today, thank goodness for flexitime , hoping the memory of the morning’s  jewels are long lasting. 

What a difference a day makes

or maybe two or three days of sun and a little warmth. There is real difference to the greening of the roadside hedges. And here at the car park, the green buds have unfurled and the winter’s dried brown beech leaves are sprinkled across the Tarmac. The rain this morning has probably helped. But it ispatchy, with a rogue elder shrub, splaying its new growth like a star burst beyond the bounds of the ordered hedge height and width. 
Grey drear morning. Which just made the brilliant gorse flowers stand out even more against the fresh brightness of the new leaves. Little sparks of sunshine to greet us drivers as we passed . 

Friday. Hope yours can be happy and bright.