Have you been invited to the wedding? 

Have you been a witness to the consummation of longer daylight warmth and rain? The hedgerow bride along the route to work is dressed in her laciest finery. The hawthorn and elder , the brides dress and the billowing cow parsley trailing and swirling at her feet, the most extensive of veils . This is thefull blown exuberance of spring, inviting you to the wedding of the year. 

If you get the chance , while waiting at the endless traffic queues around the roadworks , look at the verges and see also that bride’s bouquets. Little colour dots , mauve , blue and yellow. Geranium, speedwell and buttercup. Or perhaps clover, forget me not and escaped oil seed rape … And there are others. 

Happy wedding days ,happy beautiful May. 

Who cares about this delay  in getting to work, who could care if they would look out of the bubble.  Tomorrow perhaps even roll down the window, turn off the radio , and get another sense involved in that wonderful ceremony. 

Enjoy .