Perhaps it is this morning’s sunshine

    Joyful in its own right. But yesterday the day started grey, overcast. I am sure this enhanced the feeling the real jolt I had when I drove alongside the verge of the 420.  A deep verge, high grasses but the stars were the flowers . Tall, blue, bright flax, brillant yellow ragwort? And a tall white.. Not sure of that .. But the combination of colours against the greening browny grasses.. What a mood booster . Love it. Then on that stretch you get also a curious pink, mauve-y patch of perennial peas. Quite a contrast. 

If this is ragwort then they are not so welcome generally, but my word the colour . Is there any better  more cheerful combination than blue and yellow?  
What a wonderful start to my day. Today I came past the same patch , sun is shining today so maybe the reason for it not being so brilliant.. Or maybe it had just gone over, the shine of the flowers being slightly dulled and the grass height a little  taller. 

Must remember to look out for the afternoon show on the way back 


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