And next …

It is with great sadness that I must announce the departure from the car park.  The car now leaving. … Well actually, left a while ago 

So the routines shift and change. While setting up the [inside] OUTSIDE festival, the paid job the regular place I commute to , got in touch to say the moving date was coming forward  several months and was to be the following week . My return from ‘holiday’ then was to be to different premises . 

Different address needs a different routine And I am still working on that. It is almost that until a new routine is established that I can then stand back and really take in the details of the places.

So, what to do with the car park treasures?  Not all of them have been photographed recorded catalogued , and some I have as photos and not collated  them up together.  Perhaps this is the project to come …  Before the new routes  filter into the plans and upset all the old memories of carpark treasure hunts and finds. 

That great fascinating liminal place .. Oh the number of pictures of it and the immediate surrounds .. The strength of the wind as it blewover the  Tarmac ground , the chatter of the hedge leaves especially in the winter when brittle brown and hanging on despite the cold. That sense of shifting balance that happened to me there , moving between home and work and away again  and between the agricultural and manufacturing industries 

Can a place be a muse?   I think that place must have been mine . If I say goodbye now will the treasure get catalogued or just sit not knowing where it belongs anymore, so I can’t yet sign off , I really feel something needs to come from those things .. I will think on it some more