One brave soul 

That was me, yesterday afternoon.  I exaggerate. But I was waiting for the bus at around 3:20 in the afternoon. 

It came around the corner with the the ‘SORRY  BUS FULL ‘ heading . Of course at that time I ought to have realised that my journey time would clash with school coming out. Even though the sign was clear, the bus drew alongside the pavement and the driver signalled that there was a single place. 

I was not the only one waiting for the bus , but I had been first in  the line, so I stepped up.  It was difficult to see where or how that single spot was going to be as the school children . You mean space for one brave soul, I commented to the driver,he nodded smiling . 

Oh it was noisy. Such a difference to the early  morning commuting bus journeys.  Laughing , joking and chat. I squeezed into the passage, my back pack and me  jostling for space. The bus had not been going long before a young lad offered me his seat. Yes I was a little surprised and definately grateful. We agreed that we would swop places , but I suggested he should leave the large instrument box at my  feet – not in my way but easily be a problem in the crowded gangway. He was not keen, and I guess it took away some of his gesture if he then left his belongings in the space.

I have to admit I was pleased and surprised with the offer, but I was completely overtaken by the energy in the bus. 

Energy as a tangible physical force caught happily joyful in that homeward bound journey. It seemed to me such a powerful potential, benign at that mome, and on the  outskirts of town, when a large number got off at the same stop, they took the energy with them . It was not just that the individuals had gone but that that physical ‘energy’ as a collective possibility had left. In a way it took the breath out of the bus and my breathing space too.  Strange feeling 

The atmosphere changed, because their places were taken  the primary school children,who  with parents alighted at the stop where most the secondary students got off. 

Each journey, every journey something different, I ‘m pleased the yesterday I was the one brave soul.