Double commute

Bright and  early, such a beautiful start to the day. Out of ordinary today as it involves trains. But first to get to the station so car to park and ride or bus, then which bus ?

All choices needed to get to station for at least 730 and pick up ticket. And what a lovely morning.  Luxuriating in the glorious views of tbe frothy white and green verges and hedgerows of early May.   Very light traffic … no one on the toll bridge.

Climbed  out of the car at the park and ride … even though the bus was there I was early enough to be able to take in the area. So few cars and very light traffic meant i could hear the birds and there were plenty announcing their boundaries.  I must confess to feeling quite pleased with myself and the morning.  Rummaged  through the bag for purse to sort out parking.  NO PURSE

No cards . No money.

Back in the car.

Very light traffic  and  even lighter in my direction

Back home . NO PURSE.

remembering the petrol stop yesterday located card in jacket pocket, but no purse.  Back in  car .

Still lightish traffic … no queue at toll bridge (does everyone work at home on a friday?)  Back to car park no listening to birds now

Bus there and waitewaited  for another 5 minutes . Might just make original planned train

Ticket  code on phone  , somewhere,  got ticket just as the planned train drew out!

Missed it.