Parking and waiting

It may be a generational thing, as I’m not sure this happens so much now …. does it? Men waiting in cars in shop car parks while the woman does the shop?  Now a days im sure both are pushing the trolley around together.  Don’t know what made me think on that. Possibly  being  in the car awaiting  the allotted rendez-vous time and having so much spare time. Seems a gift 

To sit here with no especial need or requirement. Other than watch the traffic go past. No pedestrians here along the wide pavement  on a road on the outskirts of North London.. . Well is it even London?  Magpie in the tree opposite  a tall lime tree . And four or five learner motor cyclicyclists who have faced back and forth several times now. Traffic is fairly intermittent 

Time available to appreciate the quiet.  But I can hear the motorway just down the road.. almost with a wave sound like the sea.  

But actually I don’t know what’s here at all not my patch