The unplanned car park bonusĀ 

Saturday, m25 , anti-clockwise somewhere nr junction 26 or 25 

A regular journey for me, not in the commuter style regularity admittedly, but a frequently used route. For once I’m passenger . All lanes slowed then ground to a halt. 

It always makes the road scene odd when drivers open the doors , first to lean out try to get a view jammed in a sliver of opening , half body  and a leg then still holding the position arm hooked over the top of the door, just incase there is a sudden change and movement. Then swinging  open the whole door … Bravely two feet on the Tarmac any better view, what’s happening? 

Several heads bobbing up as the collective unspoken agreement spreads , it’s ok you can get out. 

All looking ahead. 

What they missed, and what I saw looking left, from the car back seat, were the deer.

On the high banks away from the road, running through the green, zig zag around the trees.