Car Art Park the project

Invites exploration into relationship with and about cars- essential transport, personal enclosed bubbles, extension of self image, necessary evil, musical box, stage?

All possible, non exclusive!

Tell us about your proposal to provide CAR ART PARK encounter within or immediately outside your vehicle , parked  in a place accessible by public transport .

Your work could be visual art, book art, sound, installation, spoken word, moving image, performance.. A list of possibilities not exclusives .

send details of your proposal in 500 words , cv ,  with ‘proposal’ in subject line to

event will be in October ….. Be in touch before mid-August 2014 with your proposal. If you cannot make a whole weekend do please get in touch .. I am sure we will be able to put together an interesting and varied programme on the two separate days .. you do not have to commit for the whole week end

Email to find out more ..


The event – Car Art Park – is now confined to memory

There were amazing artists prepared to use their cars or limited space or car parks to respond  to this challenge. Extremely varied work dotted at parking spots in west and central Oxford.

Thank you to all.

Pictures and comments to follow on the event page.

This is a format which would work in other venues, and I am looking into a next car trip.



Sometime later .. 2016 and a new page is getting tagged along with this site to link to course and MA project . Looking to invite comments and reflections to the current project



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