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Quick notes for anyone reading to remind you of the MA festival this week. Oxford  .. Already on for  us in the social sculpture group and the contemporary arts opens on Tuesday 

How exhausting is this .. The lead up with decision decision implementation and onto the next decision… After all the deliberation  WHAM and the adrenalin still coursing around …   The work is on show but that is half of it … Or even perhaps less than half .. The remaining parts happen over the dialogue .. 
So just to remind anyone .[. inside ] OUTSIDE. interdisciplinary arts festival .. Full programme and details on the website 

Even when the hub for our work is unavailable the info room will be open with details of what is going on … Away from that centre .. 

The slip away from summer starts now.

The return to work after the bank holiday marks a change. Ok, there is not the complete weight of traffic because the schools and colleges are still on holiday, well the students are not yet back to their routine even if all the other support work is cranking back up.  But this morning the traffic, and especially leaving a little late, the way in is without a problem. 

But I have a meeting tonight and this road will be closed later! 
The road heading east this morning a little misty  in the close area but looking down the road into the light , it almost gleams shinning the way ahead. But of course you never get there. 

So best enjoy the journey at all the stages . 

Perhaps it is this morning’s sunshine

    Joyful in its own right. But yesterday the day started grey, overcast. I am sure this enhanced the feeling the real jolt I had when I drove alongside the verge of the 420.  A deep verge, high grasses but the stars were the flowers . Tall, blue, bright flax, brillant yellow ragwort? And a tall white.. Not sure of that .. But the combination of colours against the greening browny grasses.. What a mood booster . Love it. Then on that stretch you get also a curious pink, mauve-y patch of perennial peas. Quite a contrast. 

If this is ragwort then they are not so welcome generally, but my word the colour . Is there any better  more cheerful combination than blue and yellow?  
What a wonderful start to my day. Today I came past the same patch , sun is shining today so maybe the reason for it not being so brilliant.. Or maybe it had just gone over, the shine of the flowers being slightly dulled and the grass height a little  taller. 

Must remember to look out for the afternoon show on the way back 

Lost treasures 

found and lost again. This car park is a hunting ground, not intentionally but the glittering objects attract against the grey tarmac . Once seen , I have  photographed, captured and as a piece of ‘rubbish’ collected and kept this treasure. The photography element has lapsed since my camera has been unreliable, but this unintentional hunting and collecting still survives. 

Recent captures have been a small cylinder shape, metal, half centimetre long, little fingernail wide, shiny in the evening light against the grey. I pocketed this.   A few days later waiting on station platform , the little metal find in my pocket I took it to look again. After turning it between my fingers a few times, it slipped and fell. It bounced and then rolled between the grill of a drainage gulley. Lost again. 
The next item, very close to the pavement leading to the main building. Going home I stepped off the pavement and thought I saw a really bright spot on the ground. Next step nothing. I was already late so walked on. But that shaft of white light was still in the memory of my eye. I went back, honestly did not expect to see it again, but found the jewel. 

Real treasure! 

A very small glass jewel. Pointed at the bottom, cut with edges to get a diamond like light reflection. Yes real treasure a little decoration fallen from a piece of jewelery. I put it in the pocket , wondering if someone had noticed it missing from a ring or brooch?  Walking to the car feeling  the shape, the small pointy end sharp on the finger tip. 

I am certain it was glass, but likely belonged to someone. I would turn it it to reception the next day. 

The next day. It had gone. No longer in the pocket. No longer anywhere visible. Nothing to report. 

Such is the beginning of story, but I hadn’t seen the genie with the rubbing or made a wish under my breath . Will I recognise the effect of holding this jewel when I meet it at some later date, if the story lines were to resolve?  

I think we rarely realise the beauty of the day to day treasure we have around us until it is passed, perhaps reminding myself of that is the legacy of the find. 

Have you been invited to the wedding? 

Have you been a witness to the consummation of longer daylight warmth and rain? The hedgerow bride along the route to work is dressed in her laciest finery. The hawthorn and elder , the brides dress and the billowing cow parsley trailing and swirling at her feet, the most extensive of veils . This is thefull blown exuberance of spring, inviting you to the wedding of the year. 

If you get the chance , while waiting at the endless traffic queues around the roadworks , look at the verges and see also that bride’s bouquets. Little colour dots , mauve , blue and yellow. Geranium, speedwell and buttercup. Or perhaps clover, forget me not and escaped oil seed rape … And there are others. 

Happy wedding days ,happy beautiful May. 

Who cares about this delay  in getting to work, who could care if they would look out of the bubble.  Tomorrow perhaps even roll down the window, turn off the radio , and get another sense involved in that wonderful ceremony. 

Enjoy . 

Phoaw what a stunner 

The  morning drive on Thursday 

Well not the actual drive but the opportunity to be out in that beauty.

Frost on the ground and whiteflowers not sure if these are early hawthorn or later blackthorn , but small white clusters in the hedgerows ..  Set against amazing blue sky.  This white cloaking against the vivid green of the new unfurling leaves was really breathtaking. 

Late  April, Gleaming sparkling  and cold and yet behind the windscreen the sun quickly warming up the car space.  

Driving into the sun feels warm and eyes all squinty 

When I parked and got out to meet the real day it felt very foreign.  The sun warm on my face yet I could see my breath. We don’t often get there around here at eight thirty in the morning that mixture of cold and warmth at the same time that I could sense and feel. A real engagement of sense 

The hedge along the parking area is almost entirely transformed too. Last week considerable patches still held onto their shaky rattling winter leaves while slender spindles of new buds grew amongst them. This week the new bright green is almost complete, but not entirely.  Such a difference too in listening to the hedge in the breeze. These new leaves are still so young and soft they barely sound as they move in the wind, while those remaining dry old things scrape and grate and complain. 

And over this that skylark hidden takes the lead.  

Unhappy with the Movement and direction of travel ? 

A question about ongoing eu discussion heard on the radio this morning. But at the time I was not moving at all. Oh so slow the journey in today. 

But , there is often the but, but under the bright blue sky, after the chill of the morning the grass on the roundabout glistened. Siting for a while in the car  at the side of the roundabout with the sun in the right angle and the bejewelled blades of grass more amazing than anything with a £1000 multiple price tag. Joyous. 

So late to work today, thank goodness for flexitime , hoping the memory of the morning’s  jewels are long lasting.