And back to car parks 

As a particular one is in the news. That particular car park for the gym , has spaces on the building’s  roof but there is no access for cars. In the Independent today, the journalist has had a tour of the space.  Glanced at this over breakfast and I do not have the details, but surprised the gym has not made use of the space for some sort of exercise.

So my suggestion is to use the space for a differnt type of exercise .. Allow people to park there .. A performance park, a meeting park  . Being open air , above ground on higher ground would offer a new perspective as a park  for discussion. Above the hum of street noise and perhaps cut off from the rhythm of the machines and people straining  muscles on the floors below , perhaps solutions to that  town’s parking problems will be uncovered.

Practicalities? Would it be free parking? Would you have to flash a gym membership card to access the area? Should there need to  be protection from the weather added ?  And the inpracticalities  … Beyond the reason why they have this space .. Assuming the roof was originally constructed to hold the weight of the cars and then also have magicked  up some money then I think a couple of cars maybe a van and a mini bus should lifted up by crane . These then would create small enclosed venues meeting  spaces  changing rooms and still feed from idea that this is a carpark ..

When I was researching parking places for my car art park project I realised quite how many places are managed by another company. This sub contracting , outsourcing made any spontaneous extraordinary use of space difficult to even begin to consider.

Realisation that ‘ownership’ does not actually always enable the ‘owner ‘ to make decisions about the use of it because they have outsourced that or at least distanced themselves from the immediate decision. Thank you again to those people /organisations who very kindly let me park  my project on their ground.  Maybe time to work on a new project?


rethinking the space

and there is a temporary alteration of car park to entertainment base, a definite hybrid

I know there is a difference in scale, but I am still a little disappointed that this site was not able to host a car or two for the CAR ART PARK project

Currently, this is one of the venues for the Oxford Photography show, and highlighting on film. There was not enough time this week for me to experience this drive-in cinema. Shame really as the experience would fit very well with my project. Your car, your cinema.

But what is the cinema experience like? What about with a car full or is it only really workable for those in the front seats?

How does drive in cinema rank for film going experience? Or is the film really not the thing?

cinema car park

Whitish rectangle = inflatable cinema screen

I have a vague memory of going to a drive-in a long, long while ago … just do not remember for certain. Was it in America or possibly, might have been Australia?? But nothing beyond that fuzzy memory. The confusion is compounded as even that hazy image is caught up in the memory of seeing films and TV programs where scenes are set in drive-ins.  But I have never had a bouncy ponytail. Makes the reality of that visit even more less likely – possibly?