Shades of green 

oh way more than 50 . 

Driving around, or being driven, taking the bus or getting the train. It is the green that hits you. Bright young leaves on the tress gradually unfurling, set those against the dark evergreen firs. 

Hedges tall, where they are allowed to be useful and reach upwards and out, are frothy with hawthorn blossom and underneath, the verges sway  with cow parsley foam. And places where the cow parsley does not have so tight a hold ( and it can be a suffocator ) there are verges where the Ox eye daisy spots seem to float above the grass . 

It is hard to think of anything more beautiful than these scenes at the moment, a gorgeous time if the year. 

What you don’t get whizzing along, is the detail and the other wild plants. Just perceptible those patches in purple yellow crimson and white. Need to get out and walk along the roadside more to appreciate the variety. An essential variety.