sometimes there can be …

treasure. Thats if 20p counts as treasure. Spotted as a shiny item for the carpark collection and a considerable bonus if actually has a value .

Not sure if i have found money before, but as parking is more often now paid by card or using phone the chances of doing so are going to reduce significantly, I would imagine.

onto the bus

Through October, in collaboration with R-U here? we’ve been taking to the bus, journeying and chatting with passengers.  Recording images on and the instagram link.

I used to commute daily by bus, up to an hour and a half each way on a good day, involving two buses and some walking. My circumstances changed and I needed that time to be spent elsewhere so took to the car.  It is hard to get back to the bus after cocooning myself with my choice of temperature control and sound; but it was not long before got back into the routine and being able to read on the commute.

Office space changed and the car returned to main mode of commute as the number of buses was severely cut, and my hours would not fit with the revised diminished timetable.

Now this route has been cut entirely.

It was not without a sigh that on the first working day after the removal of the bus the main road route had it’s bigger smarter buses diverted past our abandoned stops! It felt like salt was being rubbed into our collective wound of disconnection.

Now a few months on, the time table frames have been removed from telegraph poles, green mossy, lichen patches are the tell tale remains, stenciled in place by those frames.

Lonely bus shelters along the route, maybe useful for the school coach queue, but most of the day useless in the layby, awaiting a new life as a notice board, perhaps.

In recognition of the lost route, the invitation is out  – join us and walk a section of the route, 2 November 2019, Saturday morning circular route. How many former bus stops do you spot?  Can we come up with alternative ways to share lifts?


and the obvious answer

to the previous question perhaps? Exhibit found objects in plain sight and the owner will find them out.

I spotted these keys stuck into the fixing strip for the road sign on a business park. Perhaps they were not found, but purposely placed, they are quite high on the post. A clue in a game, or there to be picked up later.

If I’d thought I had dropped keys on the ground, I am not sure I would consider looking so high up to find them.

Is putting found items somewhere near to where found useful? How many lonely children’s mittens do you spot on a regular walk/commute? Or sad, lost soft toys? Possibly piked to a railing or dangled on a hedge, gradually fading, drooping, sodden and unrecognisable, even to distraught former owners.

Open display? possibly not the answer afterall.

back to shiny things

Just parked the car and swinging open the door and immediately on the ground something shiny catches my eye. Oh its been a long while since spotting and recording a shiny find. Thats not to say I’ve been able to walk by… no- lots of pictures of small, shiny or/and lost things on the tarmac or gravel or half stuck in mud. Always too, the decision – pick up or leave? Sometimes a nut or metal bit fallen from something, worked loose.. easy pick up. Small plastic toy ? maybe the distraught owner will return.. but how to know where this loved item could have been dropped? Today… a necklace.. small talisman glinting in the sun. I’ve picked this up. Who or where to report as found? Probably not a valuable item but more likely a personal piece. I’ve recently lost a small , yes cheap, fountain pen .. no idea where I’ve dropped it, but it is missed . Your hand gets to fit and writing without out is strange. Perhaps someone feels the loss of this little shiny block? Perhaps I’ll return it to the ground when i get back later ?

The unplanned car park bonus 

Saturday, m25 , anti-clockwise somewhere nr junction 26 or 25 

A regular journey for me, not in the commuter style regularity admittedly, but a frequently used route. For once I’m passenger . All lanes slowed then ground to a halt. 

It always makes the road scene odd when drivers open the doors , first to lean out try to get a view jammed in a sliver of opening , half body  and a leg then still holding the position arm hooked over the top of the door, just incase there is a sudden change and movement. Then swinging  open the whole door … Bravely two feet on the Tarmac any better view, what’s happening? 

Several heads bobbing up as the collective unspoken agreement spreads , it’s ok you can get out. 

All looking ahead. 

What they missed, and what I saw looking left, from the car back seat, were the deer.

On the high banks away from the road, running through the green, zig zag around the trees. 

A selection of parking places … 


And Wolverhampton both with views over rooftop places .. I guess it is easy to point out which is which? If only down to the surrounding  buildings .Mid day at one and not for the other ..
Still think it would be good to orchestrate a car game in a car park . Al black cars swop  with a white all reds in a row !